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Mega Molars

The Mega Molars projects is a DWT programme aimed at tackling increased rate of tooth decay and poor dental health amongst children in Luton. The project was started by two dentists, Krina Patel and Sona Bavisha, after having spent a year in Luton as part of their training and were shocked by the number of children they were treating with tooth decay. The Luton area is one that desparately requires more and better preventative intervention to improve the oral health of children. Tooth decay is a big problem amongst children in Luton- 50% of children screened at the pilot event in 2012 had dental health issues.

Krina and Sona decided to resolve the condition of children’s teeth in Luton and have worked with the Dental Wellness Trust to put together the ‘Mega Molars’ prefect.

The Mega Molars project is an educational and supervised brushing programme designed to tackle dental decay and to instil good habits in children. The educational element of the programme involves teams of dental health professionals going into schools to carry out workshops to teach children how to care for their teeth and sessions for parents designed to teach them how to care for their teeth.

The supervised brushing part of the project involves sessions carried out by local coordinators, primarily health and family workers, in the schools.

In 2015 the ‘Mega Molars’ project was trialled in six schools in Luton with the aim being to replicate the sessions in other schools and to introduce daily supervised tooth-brushing to schools. Supervised bushing has been successfully implemented in Scotland and wales and benefits childre

n by introducing a routine of looking after their teeth that will hopefully stay with them for the rest of their lives.

1.Providing targeted oral health education for children

2.Providing oral health education programmes for the elderly

3.Sharing information and publicising good practice amongst dental health practitioners

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