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I am extremely worried by the state of children’s teeth in this country,” says Saul Konviser, a general dentist who works in an NHS practice in Watford and a private practice in Marylebone.

“I see a large number of children who require not just a simple filling, but multiple fillings or extractions. They often arrive with severe dental infections and swollen faces,

Radio interview with DWT trustee Dr Saul Konviser commenting on Kellogg’s doing the traffic light labelling on their cereals.


Kellogg’s is to add traffic-light health warnings to most of its cereal boxes from early next year. It follows calls from campaigners for firms to do more to highlight the high sugar and calorie content of popular breakfast dishes. Research by Which? found more than thirty popular cereal and porridge brands contained more than three quarters of an adult’s recommended daily sugar intake in just one serving. UCB’s Helen Price spoke to Dr Saul

Publication – Dental Wellness Trust


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To give a child fizzy drinks is bordering on neglect


Sir, With reference to your report “UK gender divide starts early” (February 17) on child spending: figures from the Office for National Statistics have highlighted that children as young as seven years old are spending their pocket money more on soft drinks than on toys and hobbies.

The evidence clearly links these drinks to tooth decay, diabetes and childhood obesity, not to



Around 80% of children in South Africa have tooth decay before the age of six, which is perhaps not surprising with the combination of extremely high sugar consumption and limited access to dental care. Many people do not have basic oral care tools; it’s not unheard of for a whole family to share one toothbrush.

The Dental Wellness Trust (DWT) is on a mission to improve the oral health of children and vulnerable

Dr Sandra White: Healthy teeth = more fluoride, less sugar

Jan11 Dr Sandra White asked: in the context of oral health, is there a crisis? Children’s oral health is improving overall, supported by companies like Oral B and Colgate and the work of dentists and their teams. Yes, she admits, people are eating more sugar but there is also more fluoride about to act as a counterbalance. However, yes, there is a regional crisis. She remembered how she wept when,

Students help teach good oral health in South Africa


Students help teach good oral health in South Africa

Final year dental students Karolyn John and Jack McSweeny spent three weeks of their summer teaching good oral health in the villages surrounding Cape Town in South Africa as part of the dental elective programme offered by King’s Dental Institute.

The two students helped teach good oral health and hygiene on behalf of the Dental Wellness Trust, a charity that aims to promote general dental wellness

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1.Providing targeted oral health education for children

2.Providing oral health education programmes for the elderly

3.Sharing information and publicising good practice amongst dental health practitioners

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