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The following is a collection of topical articles and news stories for your interest.

Effects of sugar:

No sugar-coating the truth, editorial by Dr Greenwall in Aesthetic Dentistry Today

Oral health amongst children:

The State of the Nation, editorial by Dr Greenwall in Aesthetic Dentistry Today

Oral Health for the Elderly:

Respiratory disease and the role of oral bacteria, by Isaac S. Gomes-Filho, Johelle S. Passos and Simone Seixas da Cruz

They shouldn’t die of dirty teeth by Angie Stone, RDH, BS

A Systematic Review of the Preventive Effect of Oral Hygiene on Pneumonia and Respiratory Tract Infection in Elderly People in Hospitals and Nursing Homes: Effect Estimates and Methodological Quality of Randomized Controlled Trials, by Petteri Sjogren, DDS, PhD, Erika Nilsson, DH, Marianne Forsell, DDS, Olle Johansson, PhD, and Janet Hoogstraate, PhD

Department for Health publications:

Choosing Better Oral Health: An Oral Health Plan for England

Delivering Better Oral Health: An Evidence-based Toolkit for Prevention

Valuing People’s Oral Health: Improving the Oral Health of Disabled Children & Adults

Mentoring in Dentistry:

Developing a Mentoring Culture in Dentistry by Vernon Holt & Russ Ladwa

The Need for Mentoring in Dental Practice by Vernon Holt & Russ Ladwa

Patient Care, Professional Development & Personal Growth by Vernon Holt & Russ Ladwa

The Need for Leadership & Vision in Dentistry by Vernon Holt

General Health Care:

Dental Caries affects body weight, growth in Pre-school Children by Aubrey Sheiham

Periodontal Disease & poor health Outcomes by Peter Galgut

Prevention & Management of Dental Caries in Children Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme

Brushing twice a day could save your life. An article from The British Dental Health Foundation about the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene routine.

Dental Volunteering and the role of NGOs in promoting global oral health:

Dental Volunteering: A time for reflection & change by Christopher Holmgren & Habib Benzian

Other articles of interest:

DWT and Cape Town Creche project